You'll learn how

to change lives with breath and movement

to create an environment for growth 

the body processes stress

stress affects the brain

to create yoga sequences that positively affect mental health

to empower others to change

to create a business out of this new found knowledge

You'll study

 the hermeneutics of change

 the three steps to working with any student 

 the 5 c’s of collaborative teaching 

 Hebb’s rule 

 neuroplasticity and how it’s used to change lives

 mindfulness and its effects on mental health

 breath techniques and how they regulate the nervous system



The YogaZama™ 200 is
for YOU if you 

are frustrated with the “new normal” of modern-day life - stress, burnout and fatigue 

want to understand the science behind brain optimization for peak performance and longevity

are searching for real solutions to today’s complex problems

want to experience an exceptional, unique, next-level Yoga Teacher Training that's not available anywhere else in the world

are ready to add new, innovative tools to your toolbox to help yourself and your clients optimize their mental health

want to integrate yoga more deeply into your life and work 

✓ have been searching for an online yoga teacher training with forever access to course materials that will fit with your busy life

are interested in earning two credentials for the price of one - RYT-200 and PYT-200

are unsure how to increase the profit of your existing yoga business 

want to master science-based tools to make a difference in your mental and physical  health

want to set yourself apart from thousands of yoga teachers by pursuing our unique, one-of-a-kind next-level yoga teacher training

are searching for a path to deep, lasting change



"One of the most important pieces I was able to take from this training and see immediate change with my clients is how to effectively use breath-work. I've had clients breathing for years but never knew the brain science behind what i was asking them to do -- and why it worked.

I thought about taking the course for a year before actually becoming a student and I'm SO glad I finally did!  Don't wait like me! Do it now!!!!! You'll be so glad you did!"

- Dora Griffin, LPC, RYT-200, PYC-200


Ready to get started?


In this course you will

understand the ins and outs of your body, how it moves, and how these movements are inextricably tied to your nervous system

✓ learn the neuroscience behind how you think, feel, and behave

understand the neuroanatomy behind how your brain communicates with your body

review the philosophy of yoga with the sutras serving as a thread for the entire program

gain a broad understanding of common mental health challenges and how to address them

understand societal and personal nuances behind mental health challenges and how to offer yoga in a way that is inclusive and just

walk away with all the skills you need to feel confident as a 200-hour yoga teacher

learn how to translate these new skills into your own brand and business

take a deeper dive into pranayama, mantra, meditation, ayurveda, and energetics

understand that yoga is truly about union - of mind, body, and soul - but also with those around us

learn to use yoga to make the world better

apply yoga principles to social-justice in order to effect significant change




NOW is the time to earn this certificate in your space, in your timeframe, on your journey.

These are unprecedented times, which call for unprecedented measures. To that end, Yoga Alliance and YogaZama™ are taking things 100% virtual. Take advantage of this one-time COVID exemption! Online learning gives you peace of mind and allows you to achieve certification in the way that is the least intrusive on your life. 

Yoga Alliance has approved The LISPY School’s YogaZama™ 200-hour certification to be offered entirely online through 2023. 


  • 100% ONLINE training - LIVE, immersive Zoom sessions 
  • Forever access to the recordings of each session
  • Guest master classes taught by top experts
  • Interactive membership community for accountability and support
  • Flexibility of a virtual training, including on-demand recordings of live sessions to make the program work with your schedule.


Oh, and we also love learning in our pajamas.



“I never thought I’d love spending my weekends sucked into a zoom class on neurobiology and psychopathology, but somehow it all clicks. Thanks so much for introducing me to the whole thing."  

Michael Pao, former professional soccer player, entrepreneur, husband, dad


Ready to get started? 


All graduates receive the Yoga Alliance 200 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credentials upon completion of all requirements.

LISPY’s YogaZama™ yoga teacher training offers an additional certification upon completion. 

Yoga teachers and other learners -- you will earn our 200-hour PYT (Psychotherapeutic Yoga Teacher) credential that certifies that you have completed this difficult -- and unique training

Licensed or pre-licensed mental health clinicians and IAYT certified yoga therapists --  you will earn our 200 PYC (Psychotherapeutic Yoga Clinician) certification

After completing YogaZama™ training at The LISPY School, all students will walk away with a 200 RYT that goes deeper than standard yoga training. With YogaZama™ you’ll learn how to use yoga to transform both the brain and the body.


What's included

9 weekends of live instruction covering the groundbreaking core curriculum that put us on the map

On-demand recordings of all live teaching sessions

A 250-page printable manual

Journaling prompts to take your work deeper

Access to additional resources and reading to truly immerse yourself in each session

Unique learning modules to take your practice to the next level

A true integration of Eastern yogic tradition and modern-day neuroscience along with real-world application

The science behind the HOW and WHY of  yoga and lasting change

A deep dive into the nervous system - learning not only the science of the brain, but how to optimize brain health for yourself and your clients and students

Instruction from expert teachers and entrepreneurs from across the globe along with real-time feedback

Business support to take what you’ve learned in YogaZama™ and grow your world-changing business

At the end of the day, your success is our success! 


"Participating in the LISPY training was the most important thing that I did in 2020.  Our group bonded and helped each other through the uncertainty of the pandemic and to process the grief of what once was -  I will cherish the memories forever and use the psychotherapeutic yoga techniques for my own self-care and with my clients."


"Participar en LISPY fue la cosa más importante que hice en 2020. Nuestro grupo se unió y los ayudamos a sobrevivir la incertidumbre de la pandemia y a procesar el dolor de lo que una vez fue: salvare los recuerdos para siempre y usaré el yoga psicoterapéutico técnicas para mi propio cuidado personal y con mis clientes."

Dalia Blell, LCSW, Assistant Director Student Counseling Services at Dallas College, RYT-200, PYT-200


Are you ready to start?

*Note: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional.
The yoga therapy components of LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training are not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance.

Weekend 1

Integration & Scope of Work + Neurobiology

Weekend 2:

Anatomy & Physiology

Weekend 3:

Asana & Sanskrit

Weekend 4:

Vinyasa Krama and Energetics

Weekend 5:

Pranayama, Mental Health and Psychopathology: PART 1

Weekend 6:

Pranayama, Mental Health and Psychopathology: PART 2

Weekend 7:

Ayurveda + Mantra, Meditation, Mindfulness

Weekend 8:

Philosophy, History, Sutras + Special Populations and Business

Weekend 9:

Case Presentations and Classroom/Studio Teaching



What you can expect

Dive deep into anatomy, bones, muscles tendons, and ligaments

Learn about the biomechanics of movement, alignments and physiology

Learn the differences between stretching vs overstretching

Become qualified to teach safe yoga to protect your students from injuries





What you can expect

Become familiar with asanas and their categories as one of the 8 limbs of yoga

Learn the fundamentals of asana and how to perform them in a safe way

Become highly skilled in forward bends, twists, laterals, inversions, extensions, and backbends.

 Learn how to teach and correct misalignments.

 Learn appropriate modifications  and effective use of props




What you can expect

✓ Learn about basic brain anatomy and functionality, neurotransmitters and neuroplasticity, and  how to activate your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

✓ To become and expert on  the vagus nerve and its role in our wellbeing

✓ Understand  the effects of stress and trauma on the brain

✓ Learn the science behind the mind/body connection

Learn the neuroscience of change 




What you can expect

✓ Learn about the Art of Sequencing

Feel confident about sequencing a safe and well-balanced class

Learn how to integrate intentions to create a transformational experience

Learn to sequence a purposeful Psychotherapeutic Yoga class

Learn about the Nadis, our energetics channels seen from a scientific angle

Learn about the Chakras and how to use the right tools to balance them

Discover the relationship between energetics and asana




What you can expect

✓ Introduction to the sister science of yoga

✓ Learn about the 3 doshas and how to help your clients better balance their lives

✓ Learn how asanas and yogic techniques affect each Dosha 

✓ Discover practical lifestyle adjustments for optimal emotional wellness, mind & body performance





What you can expect

✓ Learn the scientific effects of meditation on the brain

✓ Learn to teach high-quality meditation and mindfulness practices rooted in science

✓ Learn mindfulness and meditation can relieve brain stress and improve emotional imbalances

✓ Learn how to teach meditation to skeptics




What you can expect

✓ Discover the benefits of a Pranayama practice

Learn key breathing techniques to address common mental health challenges

Learn the benefits of nostril breathing vs mouth breathing

Learn how to link the breath to movement 

Familiarize yourself with Ujjayi, Nadi Shodana, Viloma, cardiac coherence, Bhramari, Kapalabhati, as well as the contraindications to safely teach them to your clients




What you can expect

Learn about common mental health challenges

Understanding mental health vs mental illness

An understanding of how to collaborate with mental health professionals

Take a deep dive into common mental health challenges and how to support change

Learn trauma-sensitive techniques to safely and sensitively help your students

Learn how to up-regulate or down-regulate the nervous system


MODULES 9 & 10:


What you can expect

✓ Learn how to apply Psychotherapeutic Yoga to special populations (Senior, Kids, Teens, etc)

 Develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur

 Learn the history of yoga

 Discover the philosophy behind yoga practices and its purpose

Learn how to turn your new skills into a business or brand of your own that can change your life and the lives of so many others. 

Understand the money of business, as well as how to effectively market & sell your classes and services

Finish the program feeling confident, and knowing how to launch a profitable authentic business to make the world a better place




What you can expect

✓ Prepare and present your pre-assigned case study. Integrate and implement the tools you have learned to design a purposeful session that you will present to your cohort and faculty

✓ Teach a 30-minute neuro-informed yoga class to your fellow YogaZama™ students! Think of it as a not-so-scary final exam

✓ To bask in the glory of completing one of the most innovative and challenging teacher trainings in the world

✓ Prepare and present your pre-assigned case study. Integrate and implement the tools you have learned to design a purposeful session that you will present to your cohort and faculty

Teach a 30-minute neuro-informed yoga class to your fellow YogaZama™ students! Think of it as a not-so-scary final exam

To bask in the glory of completing one of the most innovative and challenging teacher training in the world



Kim Cox

Lead Teacher, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, PYT 200

Lisa Scheller

Lead Teacher, E-RYT 200, PYT 200

Adeline Bondu

Europe Lead, RYT 200,  PYT 200

Kara Duffy

RYT 200, PYT 200, MBA, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Consultant

Ali N. Haji

Co-Owner, LPC-A, CTP,  RYT 200, PYC 200

Melanie Wells

Founder, Co-Owner, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RYT 200, PYC 200

My career mission has always been to equip and empower people to change their world — one session at a time, one class at a time, one HOUR at a time — one MINUTE at a time.

I created The LISPY School and YogaZama™ to open a new door to healing for EVERYONE!

The universe is a stressful place -- there is NO better time to bring YogaZama™ into your life, your studio, your practice, your world.

Let’s BE the change!

~ Melanie Wells, founder ~

Each weekend, you’ll receive a carefully curated manual for that weekend’s content that is yours to keep. All course materials are housed online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

Alongside the manual, you will participate in our live weekend lectures -- with supplemental material and information to guide you through the curriculum.  Videos from your YogaZama™ teacher training will be available to you FOREVER.

Some additional benefits: 

Access to an online international membership community of like-minded individuals to start growing your business

An understanding of yoga beyond the poses and how to apply yogic concepts in your life

Best practices for teaching in an inclusive and ethical way all while staying within your scope of practice

An understanding of mental health from both a scientific and spiritual lense


At The LISPY School, we believe in the power of community.

As a student in our teacher training, you will become a part of a growing community of yogis, entrepreneurs, therapists, and psychologists — your tribe as you move through the training and take what you’ve learned out into the world.

Anything from last-minute questions, newly discovered research materials, personal insights, and supplementary videos can be shared and discussed. This community is for YOU to grow into the yoga teacher and brain health expert that you know yourself to be.



*Note: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional.

The yoga therapy components of LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training are not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance.

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Lifetime Access to all Lessons of the YogaZama 200-Hr Training Modules, Manuals, Replays and Exercises (Value $7,689)

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I'm Ready!


What is YogaZama™ at The LISPY School?

YogaZama™ | yoga: optimized

~ noun: a traditional Yoga Teacher Training program steeped in neuroscience and psychology, giving you the tools to optimize your mental health. a neuro-informed training designed to effect lasting change for you and the world around you.

neuroscience + yoga + psychology = YogaZama™

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