YogaZama™ yoga teacher training

YogaZama™ is a unique dual-certification*  yoga teacher training program that merges modern neuroscience with traditional yogic principles to empower you to transform lives from the inside out, starting with the brain.

*Dual Certification - YogaZama™ (PYT/PYC) + Yoga Alliance (RYT)

200 RYT/ 200 PYT | 300 RYT/ 300 PYT (links)

YogaZama™ Virtual Teacher Training at The LISPY School

At YogaZama™, we don’t just raise the bar, we elevate it

YogaZama™ IS balance - effort and ease, strength and flexibility, old and new, east and west.

It’s also about pushing ourselves - growing comfortable with discomfort and changing ourselves in order to change our world.

Our team is led by master clinicians, brain science experts, internationally certified yoga instructors, and entrepreneurs from across the world.

Since ALL of our teachers have been through the entire core curriculum, you can feel certain that we practice what we preach.

This is a TOUGH curriculum and we aren’t shy in saying it. Why? Because mastering the skills needed to balance a strong body and strong mind takes effort. Our students graduate with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and an overarching sense of pride in the work they’ve done.

In as little as 12 weeks, you can gain the tools you need to create a lifetime of change. Are you ready?

Now I use my tech skills and business knowledge to guide others to find entrepreneurial freedom in the tech industry.

YogaZama™ |  Yoga: optimized. 

what’s included in our teacher trainings

  • Online live instruction covering the groundbreakin core curriculum that put us on the map.
  • Advanced learning modules and electives to take your training to the next level.
  • A true integration of Eastern yogic tradition and modern-day neuroscience, along with real-world life-changing application.
  • The science behind the HOW and WHY of yoga and lasting change.
  • A deep dive into the nervous system - learning not only the science of the brain, but how to optimize brain health for yourself and your clients and students.
  • Instruction from expert teachers and entrepreneurs from across the globe along with real-time feedback.
  • Business support to take what you’ve learned in YogaZama ™ and grow your world-changing business!

YogaZama™ is changing the game for

Yoga Teachers + Studio Owners

Stand out from your peers by leveling up your knowledge with this one-of-a-kind science-based program

  • Dual Credentialing
  • Branded Yogazama Classes
  • Ongoing Business Support Through The Yogazama Community


optimize your practice and learn how the brain / body connection can be used to support your own emotional healing

  • Learn how to hack your brain so you can excel in your personal and professional life
  • Surround yourself with like-minded brainiacs who geek out over holistic healing as much as you do!

Licensed or Pre-licensed Therapists ( LMFT, LPC Counselors, Social Workers & School counselors)

learn about the powerful brain/body connection and add vital tools that you can use alongside traditional talk therapy

  • additional PYC (psychotherapeutic yoga clinician) certification with proof of clinical licensure
  • knowledge of how to incorporate YogaZama techniques into your clinical practice

Coaches, Athletes, Executives, , Musicians

deepen your knowledge of health and wellness with this science-based training. use the brain/body connection to help your clients finally reach their goals!

  • optimize your performance on and off the field/stage
  • learn how specific mindfulness techniques can be applied to your craft

Insatiable learners

this science-based training checks all the boxes - personal growth, intellectual stimulation, actionable life-changing information, exceptional teachers, and stimulating discussion. come nerd-out with us! you won’t be sorry

  • build your community
  • understand the benefits of yogic concept in everyday living

Which program is right for me? 

Register for our 200 RYT/PYT if:

  • You are new to yoga teacher trainings
  • You want to learn about psychotherapeutic yoga in our fast-track certification program

Register for our 300 RYT/PYT if:

  • You are a yoga teacher looking to earn your 300-hour certification
  • You are new to yoga teacher training but are ready for a advanced deep dive

Are you a Licensed or Pre-Licensed Mental Health Clinician? Welcome! By taking either the 200 or the 300 YogaZama™ training you will earn CEU credits, and an additional certificate! You'll qualify for an RYT certificate from Yoga Alliance, a PYT certificate from LISPY, and our PYC - Psychotherapeutic Yoga Clinician certification. Yep, that’s three certifications for the price of one.

Our Story

The LISPY School | Life: optimized

YogaZama teacher training is the only training of it's kind in the world. YogaZama is leading innovation to give you access to transform lives and mental health for yourself and others.

yoga + brain science = lasting change

The LISPY School - Lifeologie International School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga - is the brainchild of Melanie Wells, LPC-S, LMFT-S, founder of The Lifeologie Institute Mental Health and Wellness Centers and Lifeologie Franchising. 

A true maverick and visionary entrepreneur, Melanie has been innovating in the business and mental health space for  over 25 years.

Our Story

Everywhere I look, I see opportunity for change and growth! The LISPY School is ALL about changing tired ways of addressing the timeless problems that are part of the human condition. We can effectively harness the powerful capabilities of the nervous system by combining yoga tradition and modern neuroscience to change lives — and ultimately change our world.”

-- Melanie Wells, founder, The LISPY School

Oftentimes the widest gap is the one between science and spirituality. Perhaps the most valuable thing YogaZama™ can do is to help you bridge that gap. There is a science behind spirituality — and YogaZama™ will point you directly to it.

As humans, we thrive off of connection and this program gives you the language to connect - with yourself and with the world around you.

Ali Haji, co-owner, The LISPY School

At the end of the day, your success is our success!

Are you ready to optimize your life?


 What is YogaZama™ at The LISPY School?

YogaZama™ | yoga: optimized

noun: a traditional Yoga Teacher Training program steeped in neuroscience and psychology, giving you the tools to optimize your mental health. a neuro-informed training designed to effect lasting change for you and the world around you.

neuroscience + yoga + psychology = YogaZama™


The LISPY School

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