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Where brain science meets yoga philosophy to offer the first ever Psychotherapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in the world!



Lifeologie International School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga (LISPY) is at the forefront of innovative, research-based human optimization technology that gives you access to your healthiest life and the skills to implement true change in your community.


Modern living has normalized brain fog, mental fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and burnout.  This does not need to be your reality. 

Are you ready to learn how to...

… access your brain to overcome life’s relentless stressors?

.... cultivate lasting change through ancient yogic wisdom & modern neuroscience? 

… unlock your mind and body’s untapped potential so you can worry less and live more?

YogaZama™’s one-of-a-kind yoga teacher training curriculum is the result of years of research and practice by yogis and mental health experts. YogaZama™ is the merging of Eastern philosophies with Western science, offering a path to true mental health and human optimization that's accessible to everyone. 

The YogaZama™ curriculum integrates











Additionally, we offer advanced electives covering everything from polyvagal theory to the intersection of yoga and social justice.

The LISPY school equips you with the skills needed to level-up the human experience naturally, through our own bodies.

Our programs are designed to change your life and the lives of those around you. 



*Note: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional.

The yoga therapy components of LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training are not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance.


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If you haven’t had a chance to register for our Spring session yet, don’t fret! We still have several spots open so YOU can become a certified RYT/PYT.

 • 100% ONLINE training - LIVE, immersive Zoom sessions

• Forever access to the recordings of each session

• ...and so much more

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YogaZama™ is
for YOU if you 

are frustrated with the “new normal” of modern-day life - stress, burnout, and fatigue 

want to understand the science behind brain optimization - for peak performance and longevity

are searching for real solutions to today’s complex problems

want to experience an exceptional, unique, next-level Yoga Teacher Training that's not available anywhere else in the world

are ready to add new, innovative tools to your toolbox to help yourself and your clients optimize their mental health

want to integrate yoga more deeply into your life and work 

have been searching for a yoga teacher training that will fit with your busy life - a completely online program with forever  access to all course materials 

are interested in earning two credentials for the price of one - adding a psychotherapeutic yoga teacher (PYT) credential AND an RYT to your signature! 

are unsure how to increase the profit of your existing yoga business 

want to master science-based tools to make a difference in your mental and physical health

want to set yourself apart from thousands of yoga teachers by pursuing unique, one-of-a-kind next-level yoga teacher training 

are searching for a path to deep, lasting change

are ready to optimize your life





“Change occurs when pain overcomes fear. This time of extraordinary, collective pain has given so many the DESIRE to change. With YogaZama™ we offer the TOOLS for change.”

- Founder Melanie Wells, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

How does yoga influence your nervous system?

Contrary to common perception, yoga is not about touching your toes or looking impressive on Instagram.

Yoga is an ancient practice that taps into the primal mind/body connection in a uniquely effective and LIFE CHANGING way.

This groundbreaking Psychotherapeutic Yoga training designed by The LISPY School harnesses the science behind the natural connection between brain and body, producing a uniquely effective approach to optimal health and performance.

So… why psychotherapeutic yoga? 

Psychotherapeutic Yoga is the unique combination of traditional yoga, and the ancient wisdom that grounds it, and evidence-based neuroscience and psychology.

This innovative combination teaches the truth behind the mind-body connection and how to influence it to work in your favor.





"This is a uniquely
painful time in modern history. We have all experienced universal suffering — a global pandemic, a worldwide economic crisis, cultural upheaval, political polarization, personal loss, and overwhelming grief. We are living through a collective trauma each day."

Ali Haji, LISPY co-owner, NCC, CTP, RYT-200, PYC-200

YogaZama™ is for YOU if you work with people who 

 are struggling with the extraordinary pressures of modern-day living 

are living with brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and chronic anxiety

✓ struggle with stress, anxiety and/or burnout

are looking for answers searching for ways to optimize their mental and physical health  

✓ are looking for real solutions that provide lasting peace and vitality

are hungry for new methods to optimize their life

have “tried yoga” but never realized the deep benefits of science-based yoga practice in their own life 

are interested in tapping into ancient truths to find answers to today’s problems

are looking to optimize their performance at work and at home 

want to master science-based tools to manage their nervous systems for peak performance

are ready to add new, innovative tools to their toolbox to help them heal and to transform their mental health

 are ready to change their life


Register for 200 RYT/PYT if

- You are new to yoga teacher training
- You want to learn about psychotherapeutic yoga in our fast-track certification program

Register for 300 RYT/PYT if

-You are a yoga teacher looking to earn your 300-hour certification
- You are new to yoga teacher training but are ready for an advanced deep dive


Are you a Licensed or Pre-Licensed Mental Health Clinician? Welcome! By taking either the 200 or the 300 YogaZama™ training you will earn CEU credits, and an additional certificate! Qualified graduates will receive their 200 RYT from Yoga Alliance along with the LISPY School's 200 PYT (Psychotherapeutic Yoga Teacher) or 200 PYC (Psychotherapeutic Yoga Clinician) certification.

Yep, that’s TWO certifications for the price of one.

*200 PYC will be awarded to graduates who are licensed or pre-licensed mental health practitioners.

Note: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional. The yoga therapy components of LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training are not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance.


The LISPY School is perfect for

Yoga teachers & studio owners who want to up-level their practice and gain a significant, competitive edge through our science-based curriculum, while leveraging our ongoing professional support

Licensed and pre-licensed health professionals interested in moving beyond talk therapy and towards understanding the brain-body connection to support lasting growth for their clients

Health and Fitness Coaches who want to master crucial brain-science interventions to help their clients achieve higher-level change

Business coaches looking to move beyond coaching techniques and utilizes deeper tools of neuroscience to truly upend client resistance and open doors for optimal performance

ANYONE looking to optimize mental health, growth, and performance





The LISPY School was born of a need. 

A decade ago, a stuck client, a gifted yoga instructor, and a willingness to take a clinical risk led to a fresh, exciting concept -- psychotherapeutic yoga.

Eventually, the concept led to a curriculum, which we’ve been building and perfecting ever since.

Our YogaZama™ training at The LISPY School is the fruition of many, many years of research and practice.

In creating the YogaZama™ RYT/PYT curriculum, we have achieved our goal to offer an exceptional science-based program designed for everyone -- yogis, yoga teachers, studio owners, mental health clinicians, and anyone else looking to optimize their performance and up-level their life (and the lives of their clients!).





Melanie Wells, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RYT-200, PYC-200

A true maverick and visionary entrepreneur, Melanie Wells has been innovating in the business, mental health, and yoga spaces for  over 25 years

Melanie is the founder and director of Lifeologie Counseling Centers, a creative, collaborative mental health and wellness practice -- a franchised counseling and psychotherapy practice, with locations in Texas, Michigan, California, and North Carolina.

Melanie founded The LISPY School in 2014, to forge and nurture a nascent modality she called psychotherapeutic yoga - a unique, evidence-based concept that merges Eastern yoga & philosophy with Western science to support optimal mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Melanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a 200 RYT/ 200 PYT, and a clinical fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a clinical member of the American Counseling Association,  She is an approved LPC and LMFT supervisor. Melanie has been teaching and training graduate-level students and clinicians since 1994.

A published author of best-selling suspense fiction (Random House), Melanie has also published in Yoga Journal,, and numerous other trade publications.  She is an accomplished fiddle player, and the founder and president of The DAWG Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. She lives in Dallas with her partner Dennis and their dogs, George and Gunner the Beast.

Ali N. Haji, NCC, CTP, RYT-200, PYC-200, EMDR-trained

Born in Canada and with roots coming from India, Kenya, and Tanzania, LISPY co-owner and COO Ali Haji brings an international and diverse perspective to everything that he does.

A former TV and Film producer working for the likes of HBO and Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions, Ali is a firm believer in allowing ourselves to grow into the person that we authentically are and sees yoga – both on and off the mat - as the perfect vehicle through which we can do so.

 A current member of the Lifeologie Institute staff and the leadership team of the LISPY school, Ali works through an LGBTQIA+ affirming lens that ardently speaks to multicultural and feminist perspectives.

Ali graduated at the top of his class from Northwestern University’s Family Institute and serves as a member of the Northwestern University Counseling Program Advisory Committee and a member of the Dallas Resource Center’s Young Professional Advisory Council.

Ali is a classical pianist of over 20 years and an avid yogi for over 10. A graduate of the LISPY school, Ali is passionate about bringing the YogaZama™ mission to the world. Ali lives in Dallas, TX, with his partner, Scott, and basset hound, Louis. 



It is LISPY’s deep conviction that there is no yoga without social justice.  Yoga at its root, seeks harmony with the universe and with self.  It is an impossibility, then, to pursue a yogic life without a commitment to social justice.  All humans are equal. Therefore all humans are welcome on the LISPY mat.  


LISPY’s commitment to social justice involves being intentionally inclusive in all that we do. Through implementing our core values, it is our commitment that the benefits of psychotherapeutic yoga be available to everyone.


In the spirit of inclusivity, LISPY cultivates corporate partnerships in order to provide tuition relief to yogis who represent and serve marginalized communities.  Please click below to inquire about scholarship opportunities or corporate sponsorship.

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 What is YogaZama™ at The LISPY School?

YogaZama™ | yoga: optimized

noun: a traditional Yoga Teacher Training program steeped in neuroscience and psychology, giving you the tools to optimize your mental health. a neuro-informed training designed to effect lasting change for you and the world around you.

neuroscience + yoga + psychology = YogaZama™

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